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Cheetos Dracoulinia Maize Snacks with Cheese & Tomato 30 g

Cheetos Dracoulinia Maize Snacks with Cheese & Tomato 30 g

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Cheetos Dracoulinia Maize Snacks with Cheese & Tomato in a 100g pack! These crispy and flavourful snacks will satisfy your taste buds with their unique combination of cheesy and tangy tomato flavour. \n \nMade with high-quality maize, these Cheetos are perfect for snacking on their own or sharing with friends and family. The 100g pack is just the right size for enjoying during movie nights or adding to your lunchbox for a tasty snack on the go. 
Ingredients Corn meal (55%), corn oil, potato granules, wheat flour (contains wheat derivate, gluten), cheese powder (4.1%) (contains milk), tomato powder (3.4%), rice flour, gammon and onion flavour [onion powder, salt, rusk powder (contains wheat derivative), skimmed milk powder (contains milk derivative and lactose), lactose powder (contains milk derivate), sugar, dextrose (contains wheat derivate), flavourings, yeast powder, acidity regulator (sodium acetates, citric acid), flavour enhancer (disodium 5’ ribonucleotide), rapeseed oil, celery seeds, barley malt flour (contains barley derivate), smoke flavourings, spice], maltodextrin (contains wheat), colour (paprika extract), sunflower oil, paprika powder
Allergy Info Contains wheat, milk, celery and barley

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