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Olympos Bio Tahini Wholegrain 280 g

Olympos Bio Tahini Wholegrain 280 g

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280g “Olympos” Light Tahini is a wholesome, nutritious food of purely plant origin, made exclusively of hulled, slightly roasted and ground sesame seeds, rich in protein and calcium.

You can use in salad dressings, houmous, tahina soups or in fillings (with chopped olives, peppers etc.), or mixed with honey as a sweet spread.

Always a common ingredient in the dishes of the Levant, it is also considered a perfect supplement to the famous Mediterranean diet. 

Tahini “Olympos Whole Plus” is made of unhulled sesame seeds and has a distinctive taste and aroma, quite different from those of plain light tahini. \nIt contains (on average) more proteins and fiber, and less fat. \nIt can be eaten in a similar way as the light tahini 

Ingredients 100% sesame paste. From organically grown sesame
Allergy Info Contains sesame. Gluten Free

Nutrition Info 100 g
Energy kJ 2677
Energy kCal 648
Fat 57
Of which saturates 9,2
Carbohydrates 2,7
Of which sugars 1
Dietary Fibers 10
Protein 26
Salt 0

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