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Taste from Cyprus 2023

Seasonal Flower Power Gin (700ml) – Limited Edition

Seasonal Flower Power Gin (700ml) – Limited Edition

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A FLORAL, FRUITY AND SPICY LIMITED EDITION SEASONAL GIN – ONLY 200 BOTTLES RELEASED \n \nEnjoy this beautiful springtime with our second seasonal, handcrafted, limited edition spirit, Flower Power Gin. This spirit is inspired by the Cypriot spring season, nature’s annual festival of renewal and regeneration with flowers being at the epicenter! We have created a base gin recipe that not only can be enjoyed as is, but also helps elevate each one of the 3 different floral teas we have included to offer you a beautiful bouquet of colors, aromas, and tastes! \nBy steeping one of the three teabags selected by our master distiller, Wild Rose, Hibiscus, and Pomegranate (detailed instructions included) and adding Indian Tonic you can enjoy three distinctly different gin recipes by only one bottle of gin! You can also try Flower Power neat (without a teabag) with your favorite mixer. \nFlower Power Gin features many botanicals from Cyprus including Juniper Berries, Hyssop, Lemon verbena, Aniseed, Lemon peel, Yarrow, Tree wormwood, and Bergamot amongst others. Have fun exploring nature’s gifts and make your own perfect cocktail by using our Flower Power Gin. \n \nONLY NATURAL INGREDIENTS – NO SUGAR ADDED – NO ARTIFICIAL COLORING ADDED \n

Product Description

\nStrength: 41% ABV | Golden \n \nDimensions: Heads: 2.5 | Hearts: 3 | Tails: 2.5 \n \nNose: Surprisingly warm, fruity, and aromatic. \n \nHibiscus Tea Infusion: Flower Power “Hibiscus” gives a luxurious red hue and adds a flavor both fruity and floral with a hint of rosehip and a slight sweetness. Hibiscus also gives a tart flavor reminiscent of cranberry. \n \nWild Rose Tea Infusion: Flower Power “Wild Rose” is subtle, refined, and tasty. Mixed with tonic and chopped strawberries it’s truly a delicious combination. \n \nPomegranate Tea Infusion: Flower Power “Pomegranate” is amber in color and has a delicious flavor that is both sweet and tart. Pairs well with apple slices, cinnamon, mint leaves, and tropical fruit. \n \nFinish: Long and spicy. The combination of spice and anise ensures that the flavor will stay on the tongue for some time, while the fruity tones slowly sink to the background.

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