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Tsipouro Tirnavou Katsaros Family 200ml without anise

Tsipouro Tirnavou Katsaros Family 200ml without anise

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Tsipouro Tirnavou Katsaros Family

\n…with a glass of raki and a delight \n \nto relax the soul and to sweeten fatigue. With a neat look to feel welcome. So welcome to the monks on Mount Athos. From Byzantium still, the monks of Mount Athos and Meteora, knew how to make raki and drink. They made sure to keep the alchemy of distillation and give generously art of raki. \n \nin our life & with our friends \n \nRaki tied to tradition, tied with the KATSAROS Family which since 1856 holds the recipe and taste pure. Feast day is the actual distillation, a chance for feasting and singing. It owns an important place in our lives and in our friends, our joy and sorrow. It is a taste of Greek hosting. \n \ntsipouro in its place \n \nA sweet conspiracy of nature gives to this place what tsipouro needs. Only local, fragrant “Muscat Tyrnavos” grapes will take the road for our distillery. So that’s our secret of our raki. It is the magical bond that unites the vineyards and our essences in place and keeps KATSAROS family, here in Tirnavos, two centuries. \n \ntasting \n \nAll your senses are invited to consider. You stare at it into the light and you see it crystal and clear. You smell it and feel its aroma. You hold it in your mouth and feel the magic of distillation. So, you enjoy Tsipouro Katsaros. \n \nanise-flavored tsipouro \n \nThe difficult moment that amvikas should do its job and the distiller to put his soul came. We need to find the moment of absolute harmony of spirit and keep it alone, its heart. The spirit must be filled with the ardent freshness of anise and tie with delicious richness ‘Muscat Tyrnavos’ grapes. Becoming crystal and have means of happiness pictures. \n \nwithout anise tsipouro \n \nThe amvikas has the first word again. The distiller will cut the “head” and “tail” of the distillate so as to let amvikasto sculpt only its “heart”. He must put in the fruity moonshine and hard character of the grape. Doing its taste the cold and the hot of Greece. To give flavor to Olympus water and smells of the Thessaly plain. Make it clear as the thoughts of your heart. \n \n 

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